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Tax Planning Strategies

No financial management plan is complete without consideration of tax obligations. Understanding how to develop tax strategies that serve your financial goals requires an in-depth knowledge of tax laws. We walk you through the process of developing a strategy that can potentially lower your tax liabilities and improve your financial health.

Why Tax Planning Is Important

At all income levels, you are required to pay taxes. However, you can take steps that lower your tax obligations. Your financial management plan should include tax planning strategies that you implement throughout the year. Though you may pay taxes once a year or quarterly, the decisions you make each month can impact your tax bill.

A financial advisor works with your tax professional to assess your current income stream, evaluating your investments, estate, and major purchases. With that information in hand, the two of you develop a tax plan that may include:

  • Tax deferments
  • Write-offs
  • Retirement distributions
  • Plans for major purchases

A smart tax strategy considers timing advantages for when you engage in activities that could impact your tax bill. An experienced advisor understands these nuances and can help you find ways to lower your liabilities.

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